What ist Comenius

What is Comenius?

COMENIUS project EUWAPOL (European Water Pollution)

Four schools are involved in the COMENIUS multilateral school exchange project in total, two vocational colleges from Italy, one academic high-school from Estonia and one vocational college with integrated high school from Germany. One of the Italian schools has taken responsibility to coordinate the process of working together for two years, EUWAPOL being the common denominator with regard to content. The participating schools have got different approaches, this procedure seems to be a bit risky at first glance, however, it is done so deliberately. Schools with predominating scientific orientation develop analyzing methods  and adapt them to successively provide the partners with their process of development and their results in permanent communication via defined media using defined evaluation tools. The German school having the economic approach in the focus of its work develops reasonable methods of calculation and economic valuation in a team-oriented way and also consecutively provides the partners with results employing media such as SKYPE and DROPBOX which had been agreed upon during a preparatory meeting of all partners in Hannover in November 2011. Each school additionally installs a website in order to facilitate com-munication among partners. The didactic module emerges from contributions  from the fields of Sciences, Economics and Information Technology  which may be defined as the intersection gained.


  • Competences students and teachers may acquire in due course of the project.
  • English is the Lingua Franca in this project. Students as well as teachers improve their communication skills both orally and in writing. They overcome their inhibitions to speak English; linguistic output outweighs subject-related input.
  • English teachers may expand their competences through on-topic expert usage of the language.
  • The polarized arrangement of content enables students and teachers alike to acquire new skills using different evaluating instruments incorporating authentic materials.
  • The application of IT sensitizes students of its account within the project; students are willing to share their knowledge with all partners involved.
  • Mature teachers take off reservations when it comes to applying new technologies.
  • Students and teachers are motivated by participating in "mobilities" and taking the role of host in "mobilities"; they are becoming part of the project; they put forward commitment, valour and flexibility.
  • Project work means teamwork; students and teachers may improve their capability of being team players; they are ready to accept tasks, take responsibility, solve problems and present their results in a comprehensible way.
  • Improving personal understanding of other European cultures is pursued; students and teachers alike live Europe and pass on their experience on the campus.
  • Students and teachers are getting sensitized as to social gaps existing within the EU; they may discuss these issues controversially.
  • The common denominator with regard to content - preventing water pollution and waste of water in Europe - highlights the importance of water being the most valuable commodity on Planet Earth.
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