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Hanover sights

Hanover offers you many interesting sights:

The New Town Hall is a famous building every visitor to Hanover must have seen. A sloping lift brings visitors to the top of the Town Hall. From the Town Hall you can see the Maschpark where you can take a rest and can relax in the sunshine. 

Hanover is well known for its Maschsee. The Maschsee offers a lot of sporting activities. And in winter many people like ice skating on the lake.
Other sights are the "Herrenhäuser Gärten" with a famous castle and exotic and seldom flowers and plants. Besides, you can visit the great Hanover Zoo. If you want to see more you can follow "The Red Line" in the centre of Hanover.  

Hannah Arendt school

Hannah-Arendt-school was established in 1995. The School is for basic training and training in and professional fields such as Economics, Law and Administration. It has 2000 students and a staff of 75 teachers. Since August 2005 the location has been at Lavesalle 16, 30169 Hanover.




Where does the name Hannah Arendt come from?

Name:          Hannah Arendt

Born:            14th. Oct. 1906

Died:            04th. Dec. 1975

When in 1933 the National socialists started ruling Germany, Hannah Arendt had to escape because she was a Jew. She escaped via Prague to Paris and at the end to the USA. She studied Philosophy at the Marburg university. Besides she learned Greek. She was offered become guest professorship at the Princeton University. She was the first woman who taught there.

“The Sense of Politics is Freedom”


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